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Smart Planter Hydroponic Growing System

Smart Planter Hydroponic Growing System

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The Smart Planter Hydroponic Growing System is an innovative solution for growing plants indoors. With its adjustable light molds, you can easily cater to the specific needs of your plants. The red light is perfect for blooming and fruit-bearing, while the blue light promotes stem and leaf growth.

Featuring automatic grow lights, this system takes the hassle out of managing light cycles. It operates for 16 hours and then shuts down for 8 hours, mimicking the natural rhythm of daylight and darkness. The adjustable height of the light pole ensures that your plants receive the perfect amount of light at the right distance.

One of the standout features of the Smart Planter is its temperature display. This allows you to monitor the exact temperature, ensuring that your plants are always in the optimal environment for growth. Additionally, the low water level reminder eliminates the need to constantly check water levels, making plant care even more convenient.

  • Adjustable Light Molds: Red light for blooming and bearing fruit, blue light for stems and leaves
  • Automatic Grow Lights: 16 hours on, 8 hours off
  • Adjustable Height of Light: Customisable for different plant heights and angles
  • Temperature Display: Accurate temperature monitoring for ideal plant growth
  • Low Water Level Reminder: Indicator lights for easy water level checks

Constructed from durable ABS material, the Smart Planter has an assembled size of 29 x 11 x 28cm and comes in an attractive white and brown colour scheme. Each set includes the Smart Planter, an English manual, a USB charging cable, and an adaptor for added convenience.

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