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Online Course: Sustainability 2024 - Creative Writing For Climate

Online Course: Sustainability 2024 - Creative Writing For Climate

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"Creative Writing for Climate" explores the powerful intersection of storytelling and environmental consciousness. This course is tailored for individuals passionate about sustainability who seek to leverage creative writing to raise awareness, inspire action, and delve into themes of ecological balance and social responsibility.

  • Course Fee: R999
  • Duration: 3 weeks

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Creative Writing and Sustainability

  • Explores the role of storytelling in promoting sustainability.
  • Examines impactful examples of environmental literature and writing.

2. Exploring Sustainability Themes Through Fiction

  • Guides in writing eco-fiction: crafting narratives set in environmentally threatened futures or alternative worlds.
  • Utilizes speculative fiction to address climate change and ecological crises.

3. Non-fiction Approaches to Sustainability

  • Teaches writing essays and articles on environmental issues.
  • Covers investigative journalism and environmental reporting.

4. Poetry and Prose for Nature and Ecology

  • Focuses on writing nature poetry: celebrating biodiversity and natural landscapes.
  • Crafts prose reflecting on humanity's relationship with the environment.

5. Writing for Social Change

  • Advocates activism through storytelling.
  • Instructs campaign writing and persuasive communication in sustainability.

6. Creative Writing Workshops and Peer Feedback

  • Facilitates sharing and critiquing works-in-progress.
  • Provides techniques for constructive feedback and revision.

7. Publishing and Sharing Your Work

  • Highlights opportunities for publishing environmental writing.
  • Guides in building an online presence and engaging with environmental communities.


  • Develop a deeper understanding of sustainability issues through creative writing.
  • Refine creative writing skills across genres: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and advocacy.
  • Effectively communicate environmental themes through storytelling.
  • Gain practical experience in writing, editing, and publishing sustainability-related pieces.


Participants will emerge from this course empowered to harness their creativity and writing prowess to meaningfully contribute to environmental discourse. They will foster a stronger connection with nature and inspire positive change through compelling storytelling, thereby becoming catalysts for a sustainable future.

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